BOOKSHELF 9/10/2018

You know how you flip through the internet and suddenly stumble on something and slap your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Case in point: this simple but dramatic bookshelf.
As an “antique” dealer (I always use that word flippantly because I do not sell precious Louis XV chairs) having the perfect shelving to display your merchandise is the #1 necessity. Whether it be for your booth, at your shop or for a pop up… well, it’s everything. I have dragged, painted, rigged, moved and shlepped shelving around for the last 20 years and for the most part, I am never in love with it because, well, it’s shelving. Most of the time it is simply utilitarian, the style is never that cool and heaven forbid you have to sell it because then the hunt starts all over again.
But this I’ve shown here… this is brilliant for the easy, make-do shelving we all need from the kitchen to the office to the antique booth. Finding a simple, wood bookcase is fairly easy, boring in it’s aesthetic, yes, but still they are out there. Imagine though, painting it white or grey washed and then scouring the neighborhood for some thicker than average fallen limbs, painting them too (or not!) and screwing them into the corners of your bookshelf….. DONE.
You’ll find me following a wood chipper truck around.



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